The Township is located 10 minutes west of the Town of Mattawa and 25 minutes east of North Bay. The township also consists of Eau Claire and Eau Claire Station. The township got its name from Delino Dexter Calvin, an Ontario lumber merchant and MPP who was delegate from Frontenac County. 

This region was already populated by natives named the Nipissings before the white man arrived. The first white settlers to arrive in this region was in the 1830s. They were lumbermen who came to work for the Mackey Lumber company or farmers that wanted to work the land and sell their supplies to the lumber companies that were working in this area. The township was incorporated in 1887.

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Mackey's Lumber Mill in Eau Claire.

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Eau Claire Station

Many lumbermen stayed and brought their families, while other families arrived to work the rich farm land. As time went by, it developped into a busy township with a train station, so people could do business in Mattawa and schools.

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Typical rural school of the area