We all try to be environmental activist in a way by recycling paper and cans, creating mulch for our gardens and replanting trees. Some people fail to comprehend why somebody would sacrifice the lives of a forest life to make paper or furniture which doesn't necessarily need to be made out of wood.

Logging operations are very cautious as to what trees to cut, what habitats they may be damaging and what food chains they may be endangering. For example, tree harvestors do not cut down trees too close to streams because the stream side vegetation helps keep the water temeperature down in the summer, which makes it better for fish reproduction and fishing. We now know that forestry and ecotourism can go hand in hand, all due to the Canadian Ecology Centre.

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Combining knowledge with amusement is a well thought up idea in the way that parents can tell their children, the Centre is not only a place to expand their minds, but also a place for fun. It also works in vice-versa. The children can tell their parents it's a place to learn, not just to have fun. Forest eco-tours can be a great vacation idea and a good way to learn about our environment and to see beautiful vistas. The Ecology Centre is making our future better by promoting the message of conserving and protecting our natural environment. In the long run, Canada will have more people involved or interested in ecology. The Ecology Centre in partnership with the Forestry Research Partnership and the Canadian Institute of Forestry, strive to identify, develop and institute forestry practices that are needed to maintain and enhance a viable supply of wood for years to come. With more people thinking up ideas and ways to preserve our forests, the most logical decisions will be chosen from amongst the best.