The Township of Papineau borders the Mattawa River to the north, Algonquin Park and the Township of Boyd to the south and the Township of Head and Clara to the east and then the Township of Calvin to the west. The township got its name from Louis-Joseph Papineau, speaker of the house in Lower Canadian Legislature between 1815-1837. He was the leader and spokesman of the French Canadian patriots.


This area was already populated by natives who had been in this area for many decades. The first white man arrived here in the 1830s, they were mainly lumbermen and farmers trying to make a life and a living for themselves. With the Homestead Act of 1868, this brought many immigrants to this area. It was established in 1887 with a proper council and reeve. The famillies that did move and established themselves here had many members.

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The Hazelwood Farm. They have lived there since 1898. They lived on Lot 13, Concession 7 in Papineau Township.

The BĂ©langer family has lived there since 1884.